Saturday, 11 December 2010

tesco is shit

why? cos this morning i walked up to buy a digital camera for my mum to give to my dad as a christmas present,after choosing the said product and its accompanied large security box,i proceeded to go and pay for the item.
after 20 minutes in which no one could open the security box,my offer of placing it on the floor and stamping on it was met by funny looks and i may damage the product.i explained i have been breaking things since i was a small child and thus im quite a expert! but they would not let me break the fucking thing open!
they did offer to get me another bit i replied 'dont fucking bother' god i hate shopping.

but on a happier note next friday im off to see LADY GAGA

Ms Gaga VIP tickets.........check
train tickets..............check
the look on my face when i saw how much its costing...............priceless.

i think i could of bailed out ireland

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ring Billed Gull Mirfield

headed over to selby for my brothers birthday, so thought i would call in and pay my respects to the ring billed gull at sands lane thingy.
it was a balmy 0 degrees and the cracker was showing as soon as i managed to stop my little car on the icy roads.
ring billed gull
sands lane

black headed gulls
sands lane

quite a nice twitch with just 2 others