Saturday, 29 January 2011

NUTCRACKER staffs 1991

going through some old photos and found this

maybe my most favourite bird ever full stop

it went something like this

#1 bought an old ford escort at 9
#2 insured escort at 10
#3 pick up ady z and nick d at 1130
#4 head to staffs
#5 smitten by nutcracker at 1400
#6 head home at 1600
#7 pub #2000

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

pits and birds

took a walk into walterclough valley this morning to have a look around the old colliery,quite shocked at how much of it is left!

nuthatch 1
grey wagtail 2
jay 2
sparrowhawk 1
green woodpecker 1

Monday, 24 January 2011

sunday 23rd january

a pleasant 9 mile walk.
good numbers of house sparrows at both southowram and lower edge elland.the southowram sparrows numbered 54 on pinnar lane and at elland counted 46 in the hedge rows around old earth school also here were 13 goldfinch,8 greenfinch and 67 siskin in trees on shaw lane.
22 waxwings on lower edge were the first of the year.a female goosander on the hebble by the water treatment works on huddersfield road was the closest to halifax ive seen.