Sunday, 31 August 2008

up the 'with'

over the last few years i have seen some 'odd' stuff up here

the mad bagpiper of todmorden(i hate him)
a bloke having a wank
a bloke playing the flute
a naked male jogger
a drugs drop
20 dead pigs
a transvestite changing in a van
2 kids walking across the moor with a bottle of vodka(no doubt birders)
a tampax floating on the res(how?why?)
a woman having piss behind the wall,not that strange but she was wearing a burka

yes its full of life's weird and wonderful sights

Friday, 29 August 2008

love it

Anonymous said... ( 0n the 26th july 2008)

Personally I think you're a piece of crap who should move as far away from Yorkshire as it's possible to get.
You've got a bird site - you swear like a squaddy, reckon Tophill Low's 'shit' because there are some rules. I've been going there since the 70s, long before it was a reserve, and despite such rules are there are - it's an excellent reserve. If you don't like it - don't go - to compare a nature reserve with a nazi prison camp shows the depth of your idiocy.

You're a grade A moron

thank you

love it best comment of the year and at least i have an A in something,slightly disappointed it wasnt A+

but come on

10+ speed bumps to the nature reserve! either the locals are nutters or yorkshire water employee's drive like boyracers.
note not 'nice' bumps but the big fuck off lumps of rubber ones

the signs are crap,apart from the ones telling you what NOT TO DO they are funny

the hides are set back 'miles' from the res

imo its just a place to create money for what i dont know,as the res's dont change but the area's that are for nature are overgrown

not spurn

the 'with' this evening

not bad

whinchat 1
wheatear 2
little ringed plover 1
lesser black backed gull 22
wren 2
meadow pipit 1
carrion crow 3

Thursday, 28 August 2008

tagged photos


looking on surfbirds i found the worst tagged photo ever.their usually a nice discreet tag along the bottom,at worst through the middle.

Monday, 25 August 2008

askham bog sunday 24th august

stopped off for 2 hours on the way to my brother's for a bbq.
a very nice site if a bit small.

southern hawker

ruddy darter

Saturday, 23 August 2008

black darter whiteholme

took it upon myself to do a big walk for dragonflies.

went mad and made a 10mile walk on the moors around whiteholme

worth it for the black darters at the small ponds at the northern end of whiteholme res .

black darter 50+
common hawker 6
emerald damselfly 3

black darter

black darter

Thursday, 21 August 2008


fuck fuck fuck fuck the weather is shit where are all the migrants?????????????????


lesser black backed gull 1
meadow pipit 4
carrion crow 5
kestrel 1

for fucks sake

rant over

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

my eyes,my eyes

parked up the usual spot and headed to the gate,a blue vw estate car is parked up...........
maybe a rep resting or doing paper work????
no some 50 year old bloke naked having a wank.for fucks sake!!!!!

fuck all here

wheatear 1
meadow pipit 3
carrion crow 2
kestrel 1

Sunday, 17 August 2008

crazy horses

up the 'with' early doors and its dead, 1 swallow and 1 wheatear,oh and 21 twite,but for obvious reasons,(ie nick carter will be pestering me to see if they are ringed) i will not be posting anymore twite sightings on here anymore.if you want to see twite then go to whiteholme res.
2 twats went past on bikes but the stupid fuckers left their number plates on!

'crime in action'

while at the 'with' a text from daz ward about the glossy ibis at allerton bywater.not a yorkshire tick but still a good bird.
so off i went with nick d.daz helped even more by phoning me on site,telling me how to get to a better spot.

glossy ibis
allerton bywater

and the secret to getting flight shots of the glossy ibis.....................

crazy horses

Friday, 15 August 2008

the good run continues (#101)

recent unexpected goodies like red breasted merganser and long eared owl it was about time something turned up that i should have had on my list earlier..................

yes green sandpiper #101

very shy and flighty hence the shit photos


twite 15
wheatear 2
stonechat 1 male
little ringed plover 3

Saturday, 9 August 2008

a change of direction


i only took up photography to document the birds i see at the 'with' over the last 18 months,i have had some brilliant comments from you lot on my photographs.
zooms,boulmer birder,mostly macro and east ayton birding have given great support over the years,so i thank you.

so i have a new site

darrell j prest

though the blog is not dead

so thank you and please take a look

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


well i thought #100 would be a wader how wrong i was.
i headed to the bracken to check for any warblers,when a owl flew up from just below me.the photo below was taken straight away,its crap but you can tell its a long eared owl!

the nearest woodland is 2 miles away so it must be young bird moved on by its parents,it circled above me for a minute then dropped into the bracken some way off.
a cracking bird
long eared owl 'the with'



pied wagtail

long eared owl 1
kestrel 4
peregrine 1
little ringed plover 1
redshank 2
wheatear 4
twite 1
swallow 5
lesser black backed gull 2
teal 2