Sunday, 17 August 2008

crazy horses

up the 'with' early doors and its dead, 1 swallow and 1 wheatear,oh and 21 twite,but for obvious reasons,(ie nick carter will be pestering me to see if they are ringed) i will not be posting anymore twite sightings on here anymore.if you want to see twite then go to whiteholme res.
2 twats went past on bikes but the stupid fuckers left their number plates on!

'crime in action'

while at the 'with' a text from daz ward about the glossy ibis at allerton bywater.not a yorkshire tick but still a good bird.
so off i went with nick d.daz helped even more by phoning me on site,telling me how to get to a better spot.

glossy ibis
allerton bywater

and the secret to getting flight shots of the glossy ibis.....................

crazy horses


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice to see the Glossy Ibis Darrell.
Could'nt the bikers have been taken out by the tank in the background!

darrell j prest said...

not noticed the 'tank'!

this is why im a birder with a camera not a photographer,as i dont have the 'eye'

the 'tank' is a little hut somewhat fallen now,but was built for the workers building the 'with' to shelter in.this just one of 3 up here

anyway thanks mike


abbey meadows said...

A well positioned sniper could take those two out. I don't see this on my local patch but it is a problem on parts of the coast and in the north Penines. Just churning up valuable habitat and the unwanted noise pollution that goes with it raises my blood pressure. Great posts and top photography.

zooms said...

Love the ibis shots D, well done,
and the goose with attitude.