Saturday, 9 August 2008

a change of direction


i only took up photography to document the birds i see at the 'with' over the last 18 months,i have had some brilliant comments from you lot on my photographs.
zooms,boulmer birder,mostly macro and east ayton birding have given great support over the years,so i thank you.

so i have a new site

darrell j prest

though the blog is not dead

so thank you and please take a look


Anonymous said...

Some bloody good photos by any standards but more so seeing as you've been at it only a year. Some flight shots to swim across the 'With for.
What's the lens?
Those urban exploration site links are good. Ta.

BSUMNER said...

Great new photo site Darrell,keep them coming. What about a 2009 calendar?

East Ayton Birding said...

Well worth keeping the blog & website running alongside each other Darrell - was pondering about doing a blog again myself, again to run alongside.

Top class images - won't see many better flight shots of red-foot or leo than on your site.



Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

The website is looking very good Darrell.
Like the Common Tern pictures from last week end. I too think its well worth keeping the blog going for latest pics, info and posting your best stuff on the website.



zooms said...

Great Darrel, so good to see great shots of the birds I love, never have seen the yellow crowned night heron though, time for you to return, we have the perfect place for you, in return for a little weeding. x