Wednesday, 6 August 2008


well i thought #100 would be a wader how wrong i was.
i headed to the bracken to check for any warblers,when a owl flew up from just below me.the photo below was taken straight away,its crap but you can tell its a long eared owl!

the nearest woodland is 2 miles away so it must be young bird moved on by its parents,it circled above me for a minute then dropped into the bracken some way off.
a cracking bird
long eared owl 'the with'



pied wagtail

long eared owl 1
kestrel 4
peregrine 1
little ringed plover 1
redshank 2
wheatear 4
twite 1
swallow 5
lesser black backed gull 2
teal 2


NigelK said...

Bloomin marvellous shots. Glad you got your ton.

AndyC said...

What a belter.

Nick Carter said...

Congratulations Darrell a well deserved 100 after all the time and effort you have put in!

dean said...

and beltin pictures to compliment your goal. Nice one Darrell.

Boulmer Birder said...

Ho ho fill ya boots! A good day there Darrell....

Snowbabies said...

Fantastic shots of the Owl!


Ipin said...

Ton Up indeed - do it in style why not?

Blyth Birder said...

Cracking photos again GW.