Friday, 29 August 2008

love it

Anonymous said... ( 0n the 26th july 2008)

Personally I think you're a piece of crap who should move as far away from Yorkshire as it's possible to get.
You've got a bird site - you swear like a squaddy, reckon Tophill Low's 'shit' because there are some rules. I've been going there since the 70s, long before it was a reserve, and despite such rules are there are - it's an excellent reserve. If you don't like it - don't go - to compare a nature reserve with a nazi prison camp shows the depth of your idiocy.

You're a grade A moron

thank you

love it best comment of the year and at least i have an A in something,slightly disappointed it wasnt A+

but come on

10+ speed bumps to the nature reserve! either the locals are nutters or yorkshire water employee's drive like boyracers.
note not 'nice' bumps but the big fuck off lumps of rubber ones

the signs are crap,apart from the ones telling you what NOT TO DO they are funny

the hides are set back 'miles' from the res

imo its just a place to create money for what i dont know,as the res's dont change but the area's that are for nature are overgrown

not spurn

the 'with' this evening

not bad

whinchat 1
wheatear 2
little ringed plover 1
lesser black backed gull 22
wren 2
meadow pipit 1
carrion crow 3


zooms said...

I like this photo but I haven't got a clue what it is. Can you enlighten me? (unless it has something to do with the guy in the blue VW estate, who obviously wrote the anonymous comments, in which case I'd rather not know)

darrell j prest said...

no nothing 'rude' its just..........hard to explain...........its the 'tide' at green withens,maybe flotsam.
spurn(with a 'n') is a place on the east coast,a spit of land that looks similar.

zooms said...

Thanks, I like it.