Saturday, 21 February 2009

elland gp

my first red kite in halifax over elland gp at 1145 then drifted towards brighouse.about time my 10 mile walks produced a good bird.

red kite
elland gp

bumped into sean gray looking for the kite which alas he missed. spent the next 3 hours watching sean ring blue tits and this coal tit and learning how to age and sex them,it really is a fascinating insight into birds to watch them being ringed (cheers sean) 16 pink footed geese heading west made a great day.

coal tit
elland gp

Friday, 6 February 2009

elland gp goosander

with the car stuck due to 2 inches of ice on the road,meaning i cannot get anywhere unless on foot.i took a walk to elland gp today.
a few years back upto 90 goosander's used to winter here,but now only around 20.
a shame as they are a smart duck.they are a bit shy but they make for great shots.