Saturday, 21 February 2009

elland gp

my first red kite in halifax over elland gp at 1145 then drifted towards brighouse.about time my 10 mile walks produced a good bird.

red kite
elland gp

bumped into sean gray looking for the kite which alas he missed. spent the next 3 hours watching sean ring blue tits and this coal tit and learning how to age and sex them,it really is a fascinating insight into birds to watch them being ringed (cheers sean) 16 pink footed geese heading west made a great day.

coal tit
elland gp


Warren Baker said...

Get down to the with darrel!!!
Cool pic. of that red kite. Hope I get one this year.

darrell j prest said...

cheers warren,im afraid its going to a few more weeks until im back up the 'with' im hibernating!

Little Brown Job said...

Lovely images of the Coal Tit. I had the privilege of watching a ringer in action with a Willow Warbler years ago, fascinating stuff indeed.


Nick Carter said...

Brilliant record (and photo) Darrel, bogey bird for me in Calderdale, been a couple over Midgley when I've been out!

Stewart said...

Them Coal Tits are tricky to age Darryl. The contrast in the GC's can be hard to see on lot of them... Nice Kite, I look for them every day of my life, in hope. One day...