Monday, 5 May 2008

local its all good!

spent the day local but no 'with' (boo hoo) anyway,a good day


pied flycatcher 1 male
cuckoo 1
buzzard 1
jay 3

pied flycatcher

remember the shag from the other day?(even nick d saw it and cocked up like me!) well its still there and showing well.

elland gp

andy arrives on the scene


Mike Randall Bird Photography said...

Nice pictures Darrell.
Never seen a Pied Flycatcher.
Like your flight shots from yesterday I still have to try your under exposure method.

zooms said...

Superb photo of the
Pied Flycatcher,
my favourite shot to date.

Alastair said...

Very nice shot of Andy - typical plumage; could have been improved if you had obtained some "unusual transport" in the background as that's been the id clincher in the past.