Sunday, 12 October 2008


ok it may be a fews years out of date but its been out for a few months now.having been involved since the beginning in 1991,i think this is the best report to date and can only get better.for a club with very limited resources and readership,nick dawtrey the recorder has done a great job.
as usual the map by gordon is quality,the colour photos are much better reproduced than previous years,even nicks purple sandpiper looks better than sean's!(digiscoped vs' canon mk2 500mm)
articles on goshawk sighting's are a good read,as is the 'target 200' which is the mythical number to see on your halifax list!
the calderdale bird conservation group has an article on twite(what else) but no mention of the £10000+ they have yet to spend!

if anyone would like a copy drop me an e-mail as its great for stuff southern birders who need twite and redgrouse;)

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