Friday, 29 May 2009

the homeless

like me many people think all the homeless people are either druggies or alcoholics!
i am now ashamed to feel this way after walking to the train station this morning at 0520.
as i came up the spiral staircase (made of stone and victorian) i came across the above ,and old duvet,soap,toothpaste,deodrant,shampoo and shoes placed neatly! no one insight but no druggie or alcky here just some poor lad on the bones of his arse,he was knowhere to be seen but i left a couple of quid.
it really put into perspective my lack of car,and not being able to go to the 'with'

i hope the guy is okay and had a meal off the £5 i left


zooms said...

know just what you mean D. I once saw a young girl on the street in a sleeping bag at Christmas time,in Canterbury, who reminded me of me when i was a teenager. I gave her 100 pounds and hoped she phoned home.

Warren Baker said...

hope no scumbag nicks the fiver!!