Tuesday, 27 October 2009

god im bored

a pure sheer lack of motivation this last month! why i dont know? but i need to back into the field.
im so bored at the moment i could not even be arsed getting off the sofa to go for the eastern crowned warbler!!!! which was the one bird i only ever wanted to see!


Ipin said...

Oh dear Darrell, A good twitch could've been a kill or cure scenario, love the piccies, especially the burt (as Boulmer birder would say) are they expressing your current mood?

Stewart said...

That Ipin is a cheeky twat, Darryl you need some motivation. Time to totally rethink your birding! Good luck...

Warren Baker said...

Mean and moody pics Darryl!

darrell j prest said...

whats a burt???

Ipin said...

It's Ashington speak for a boat, you'll need to get lessons from Stewart the BB!

here are some examples

turd in english = a shit

in ashington = a warty amphibian

curb - in english = concrete sides of the road

in ashington = what corn comes on

etc etc there is an 'Ashinton dikshunry' out there somewhere

ST said...

ipin - eshinton is how the locals pronounce ashington.
Pitmatic is the language

a CURB is not a a edge to a road, or a cob of corn, but a young scout.