Tuesday, 22 July 2008

#99 nearly there!!!!

classic weather conditions up 'the with' this evening.south west wind, low cloud/mist on the tops with brighter skies to the east.
very little on the walk to the res.at the res it was murky so i checked the south shore for any waders,alas non but a bird on res caught my eye,a fucking female RED BREASTED MERGANSER well it wasnt fucking as it was on its own but a fucking great bird for the 'with' and a good one locally.
4 black headed gulls came in from the east but headed back after a few minutes.

red breasted merganser

red breasted merganser 1 female
black headed gull 4
little ringed plover 2
meadow pipit 14
reed bunting 1
canada goose nc
carrion crow 1
kestrel 2
pied wagtail 2


dean said...

Nice one Darrell. Hope you don`t have to wait too long for the milestone of 100.

NigelK said...

fuckin well done