Monday, 14 July 2008


on the way to res this evening i spot a balloon in the bracken,and notice a tag so i wander over it says

danny age 1
(mobile number)

so i text the number saying

'just found your balloon pink with a panda bear in west yorkshire'

seconds later

'your joking mate,i let it go last night in belfast for the child,thanks mate'

so off i set happy that in years to come the family would talk about the time the little childs balloon was found in yorkshire.
maybe some karma was in order.........................

and it was for there on the res was a adult summer great crested grebe a patch tick,number 98 for 'the with', a bit distant hence the shit pics but still a good bird.
and it continued

little ringed plover 2
lesser black backed gull 4
common gull 1
black headed gull 7

a great visit

karma the way to go!

great crested grebe
#98 for 'the with'


Ipin said...

You should've told him to keep his litter in Ireland!!!

darrell j prest said...

mmmm maybe but when the balloon left ireland it was not litter,nor was it when i set it free and watched it float away.