Friday, 7 November 2008

amur falcon suppression(maybe,not sure)

news has reached me that the AMUR FALCON was still present at the end of october!!! news was kept quiet to avoid too many birders turning up! which i find odd as tophill low charges about £4.50 per person,so i cannot see them wanting to lose that sort of cash!
i have first hand experience of the money making tactics used at this site
back in 1997 we went for the bairds sandpiper on the sunday morning,got there at 07.30 but had to wait until 08.00 to get in.we waited after paying our cash just to be told at just after 08.00 it had not been seen and had gone!!!!

what a set of bastards

the 'WITH' this evening

grey partridge 8
meadow pipit 1
kestrel 1
carrion crow 2

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James said...

Hi Darrell, i think you'll be pleasantly supprised, Stalag Tophill has had a regime change and the warden is a progressive bloke who iosnt a suppressing tosser. Despite this some of the regulars are still there! The Amur was thought by the warden to still be about for a couple of days after the news went out but wasnt nailed down or seen by anyone with much of a clue. No conspiracy I promise.