Sunday, 16 November 2008

november is the new october!

after last weekends haul of good birds,today continued the run.

potteric carr

firstly the strangest event of the day was nick d ringing before 10!!!
spent most of the visit looking or waiting for the caspian gull.the gulls started to arrive at around 1430.the hide was not as full as i would of thought.i noticed a bird which fitted 'caspian' but on a closer look it did'nt fit but it still looks odd.
as people left the hide at fourish it was left to nick,me and a couple from oldham to carry on,the guy from oldham kept going on about a gull but he said it had 4 'mirrors'.
it appeared i was the only one in the hide that had seen caspian gull so a look through nicks leica scope with the zoom,the bird was a classic caspian gull ......................
the main thing i look for is not 'mirrors' but the shape of the bird and the jizz

beady eyed
darker mantle
long thin snouty bill
common gull look to the head
dark eyed

as the four of us got our eye in the gull became easier to pick out

not caspain but what?
bottom left

yellow legged gull


great tit


zooms said...

Perfect, Darrel got his zoom back.

abbey meadows said...

I'll keep a note of your observations as now is the time thousands of gulls decend on linton pond from the nearby tip. I must admit I haven't seen anything like those in the county but I could easily overlook them.