Tuesday, 31 March 2009

goshawk 'the with' #103

well the 1st patch tick of the year and what a fucking belter!
so im sat on the wall watching the canada geese(why!..............i dont know?) when i see a bird flying over the res,straight away i think peregrine,as i get my bins on it,then its one of those 'fuck me' moments(i love the fuck me moments)crows went mad along with me.

great bird shame it just flew through

the 'with'

shit photos

also managed 11 species

canda goose 24
greylag 1
golden plover 1
pied wagtail 2
meadow pipit 21
skylark 1
carrion crow 6
mallard 1
red grouse 3
curlew 2
goshawk 1


Warren Baker said...

Fuck Me! That is a REAL fuck me moment!!! Well done. I clicked on the photo for a bigger image, and, fuck me it was just as small. :-)

darrell j prest said...

oh it is small warren i will sort it out,

AndyC said...

Now that is a Goshawk.top

Stewart said...

Its crop's full an'all, the ugly bugger's eaten the Peregrine...

NigelK said...

Gadzooks a Goshawk! Looks like it ate a passing Heron n all.

zooms said...

Am a bit disappointed actually D, thought you of all people would have got a shot of the flamingo at the res this morning.

East Ayton Birder said...

One of my real favourites Darrell - hell of a patch bird.