Saturday, 18 April 2009


lack of car due to it being stolen!
i took a walk to southowram then to elland gp
ashday wood(well thats what im going to call it from now) was great with lesser spotted woodpecker,nuthatch and blackcap also green woodpecker.
elland gp was shit as usual

elland gp

reed bunting
elland gp

ashday wood


zooms said...

Well, if these majestic shots are your reaction to your car being stolen, then a pity they didn't take it long ago.....
Seriously D, sorry about the car.......hope you get it back soon.x

abbey meadows said...

Cracking shot of the Dunnock...fantastic

darrell j prest said...

thanks both of you

Warren Baker said...

I hope they crash and burn in your car, fucking scum!
Your pics today are excellent, give us back that sunshine!