Sunday, 7 March 2010

back to the 'with' eventually!!!!!

upto gorple this morning

16 curlews
12 lapwings
2 oystercatchers
5 redpoll
1 reed bunting
34 red grouse

at midday i went to pugneys as its only 30m mins down the motorway

bumped in to mick c had spent a few minutes chatting.and finally saw the the drake smew,red breasted mergansers and red necked grebe on the calder wetlands.
walked over to pugneys just to save 50p for parking!!! left 10 minutes later as some bloke bored the tits off me going on about fuck all..............white lenses tend to attract oddballs
at 2 i thought fuck it im off to the 'with'

35 minutes later im at 1200 feet and walking over 2ft of snow!!! in places

not a bad first visit for the year

2 mallard on the very frozen res
1 skylark
6 carrion crows
1 male stonechat

now the days are getting longer and im back working in runcorn i hope to make up for all the days lost last year

the 'with'


Nick Carter said...

Glad there were some Curlews on the Gorple side, only managed four on Walshaw!

Brian Sumner said...

Its not just Fly Flatts froze up then!
Thanks for the link.

Warren Baker said...

good to hear from the ''with'' again darrell. Lets hope it thaws out before April :-)