Tuesday, 16 March 2010

the 'with' crates

a nice hour up here this evening..........yes the evening visits have started!! hurrah

lots of work going on,yorkshire water seem to be doing some work on the dam which hopefully will end up with being drained? already some shoreline

only 3 species seen this evening

canada goose 16 + 'noisy bob' the white greylag thing
carrion crow 4
skylark 1


Brian Sumner said...

When I was an apprentice in Halifax my mechanic used to like taking photos of water pipes piled at the roadside. At 15 I thought he was nuts but I see it different now. He used to walk me round town in our lunch break taking photos of statues and carvings up on the buildings which he said people never see because the,re too busy dashing around. How right he was.

Warren Baker said...

Hope you get a nice wader on your shorline Darrell, you deserve something good.