Friday, 24 September 2010

10 mile walk tuesday

a bit late posting! please forgive me!

set out from the house at midday,up coal pit lane towards southowram--bank top-- marsh delves--beacon hill--shibden park--shibden fold--horley green--ploughcroft--swalesmoor-ploughcroft--boothtown--old lane mill- town--shaw hill--home.

bird of the day was the stonechat a very nice 1st winter male at horley green,which was a 'green' tick.grey wagtails totalled 3 including 1 going sw over high sunderland lane,given the numbers of grey wagtails in halifax its hard to know if this was a migrant or not?.
siskin at shibden fold was nice to see away from the gravel pits.

apart from that very quiet maybe i should get up earlier!!!!

coal pit lane



AndyC said...

Rosy Rustic

darrell j prest said...

thanks andy

saw a few of these near shibden


AndyC said...

Nice one ,Ive never seen them during the day,were they all feeding on thistle heads.??

darrell j prest said...

yes on the new path from shibden park to beacon hill