Thursday, 16 September 2010


what a day!
picked up on call flying over barrowclough lane at the back of beacon hill.
heard it call once and thought 'whats that?' given the number of power lines up here i thought it may be a sound in the wires, but it called again,heading south first in calderdale and the first ive seen for a few years.
it should be noted this is a very early record for the autumn but large numbers of lapland buntings have been moving across england in the last few weeks.
i think one was seen over bradford earlier this week?

having looked here maybe this is calderdales first american passerine??

lapland bunting
barrowclough lane


Anonymous said...

You do have a tendency to come back to birding with a bang! Well spotted.

Anonymous said...

Well picked up. Nice one Darrell.

nickdawtrey said...

Well done Darrell, great record, wish it had been me!

AndyC said...

Darrell I ve nicked photo and posted it on calderdale birders blogg.if you have a problem with that I will take it offffffff.Great

darrell j prest said...

no problem andy,the calderdale blog is looking very good at the moment,lots of people out birding and finding good stuff.

Dave Barker said...

Terriffic photo Darrell and yes we have had three singles over our watchpoint at Oxenhope to date.... but as you say given the numbers still up north and in the west we are as ever hoping for more!.... I will have to try harder with MY snaps.... as I just cant touch this one! Dave.