Friday, 12 December 2008

car trouble=no green mended=green withens

okay hopefully tomorrow i can get up the 'with',had a few car problems in the last month

#1 puncture
#2 puncture
#3 puncture on spare!
#4 cracked alloy wheel
#5 new pads and disc's
#6 puncture

#7 total cost £700!!!

hence no 'with' and me now paranoid about driving!

but tomorrow i'm off up the 'with'

i have found the solution to wages are now paid to garage and i now go to the garage on friday for pocket money!!!!


Dean said...

Like the solution Darrell ;)
Hope you have a good day at the "With"

AndyC said...

i have found the solution to be...........get a cheaper car theres plenty on the market..also people will stop shouting you