Saturday, 27 December 2008

the 'magna via'

no birding today.
i have started to do more walking from my house to well wherever i can get.
today walked from home through the town center up to shibden park then on to hipperholme and back again via the 'MAGNA VIA' which is the one of the most ancient pack horse routes in the uk.
the route dates from just after 1066,and at places it is worn down to 12ft deep.
the cobbles were added in around 1700,as halifax became a major town for the wool industry.daniel defoe was not impressed with the only 'road' into the town(from the east).what routes are from the west?
its a shame i missed the plaque,but its such an interesting walk,my father told me his great grandmother had mentioned a pub along this track. though i forget its name,but it may be the best pub name in the country!)

magna via
dark lane


worn feet


AndyC said...

Hey up,where is the first photo. ???

darrell said...

what where is the photo or where is its location?

dont you know you may be able to see it from your house!

AndyC said...

where is it from my house.?

zooms said...

magna via looks wonderful, just think of all those feet.

Kay said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birding for 2009 :)

Warren Baker said...

Happy new year to you darrell

zooms said...

Happy New Year D, X