Friday, 2 January 2009

it came from a land far far away

yes glaucous winged gull
found a few days ago but identified last night by a guy in america
so this morning i made the short 90 minute journey north to teeside,met up with dave mansell and spent a hour or so looking for the bird,early afternoon he made his way south to home.
i spent some time at saltholme where i found a glaucous gull or did daz ward find it? as he was viewing from the mobile battery died while ringing when i saw the dormans pool car park clear of birders and the layby at saltholme,i guessed the gull had turned up.
5 minutes later im watching my second glaucous winged gull.this was better than the one south wales.
lets hope it stays a while as it was too distant for my camera set up but newton stinger got some good photos of the gull HERE

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