Sunday, 18 January 2009

more walking!

cromwell wood

bailey hall lane
rather go down than up!

a few more birds than last week. a treecreeper along the hebble trail and nuthatch by the church at copley,a few grey wagtails along the hebble by the nestle factory.also saw the school where emily bronte worked,and found bailey hall lane which is steeper than the magna via.


abbey meadows said...

Thats a fine Goldcrest shot in the winter sunshine. Mine always look blurry!

Warren Baker said...

bailey Lane looks like something out of a bronte novel. if that lane was in kent, the local council would have swept it clean, poisened all the moss and re-cut the sides - all nice and tidy!

Nice Goldie photo!

darrell j prest said...

thanks abbey,

warren the lane proberley is,as the book 'wuthering heights' was written in and based around halifax

zooms said...

Really enjoying your walks D . and love the Goldcrest. So glad you don't live in Kent.

Jim said...

Time to stop the walks with a blacked throated diver turning up at Blackmoorfoot?