Tuesday, 27 January 2009

shibden park and old lane mill

set off from home at half eight and made my way up past dean clough,towards ovendean.then back to shibden park,the light was good for change.

old lane mill

On the 21st of January, 1905, the worst nightmate of any mill owner came true, as fire ripped through Old Lane Mill, Halifax. It was the first mill fire of the year, but before the end, another three mills in a ten mile radius were badly damaged by fire.
The first mill on the site was recorded in 1816, but this one was built in 1825. Two years later, in 1827, owner Akroyd built the first Jacquard looms in Britain, and the mill was iron-framed and fitted with stone floors – the first in any British mill – to support the machinery.
Today those floors are still there, stripped of machinery, but remants of old looms and chutes are still there.
Apparently the nightwatchman used to fire a blunderbuss each night to signal he was on duty. Thankfully, he is no longer there...

the old foot bridge over north bridge station
looking towards the 'city'

the 'city' was the last of the slum clearance in halifax,cleared in the mid 20's.my mother was born on great albion st in 1948,which was one the last streets in the 'city', life which was by her words 'an awful place to grow up' a few houses still exist on the edge of pellon lane.

then on to shibden park.
nuthatch and great spotted woodpecker were the best birds seen.

black headed gull

carrion crow



NigelK said...

Shit Hot Shots of both buildings and birds.

Warren Baker said...

Fuck me darrell, I thought that was a pic of stalingrad 1943! Good job they did clear it. Excellent place for wildlife though!

zooms said...

Another excellent tour D, and I really enjoy how you describe the history, and oh, the goldcrest shots,.... superb