Saturday, 10 January 2009

saturday big walk

finding hard to get the enthusiasm for the 'with' at the moment!why i dont know.
had another big walk yesterday 10 till 1430.from my house to salterhebble then onto the gravel pits up to sunny vale up and down walter clough valley,sunny vale lake up the magna via,beacon hill then to the parish church,below the station through stony royd then home.
bird wise very little about apart from a carrion crow x hooded crow hybrid along sunny bank lane,4 teal at sunny vale lake(4 males and a female.also found a few spots to check for lesser spotted woodpecker which i must keep a check on.
sunny vale and the whole valley is well worth a good look around all i just need to find the pub my dad told me about,though long gone i have a desire to find it! its name

'who could a thowt it'

big walk
it may look flat,its not!

carrion x hooded crow
sunny bank lane

sunny vale lake


East Ayton Birding said...

That must have been a freezing walk Darrell.

You should notice increasing daylight hours soon, may help in getting you a bit keener for the 'with'.

zooms said...

That's not a walk, that's an expedition, Nice pics. x

Warren Baker said...

You must of seen more than that Darrell! Thats a big walk for very little activity!!