Thursday, 8 January 2009

saltholme pools RIP

saltholme pools looks like it may go the same way as fairburn ings and wath ings(aka old moor) and be turned into a 'bird' theme park.another great area ruined for birders,with the local patch birders now forced to walk screen covered paths and enter tiny hides accommodating screaming kids.
should be a nice cash maker for them.


Little Brown Job said...

Wath Ings had already been converted to Old Moor when I staring birding but at least back then before the RSPB took over I had a key and could visit after work. I met a bloke at Worsborough Country Park at the weekend who was saying how Wath Ings had been ruined.

I don't know what it was like before so I can't say if it is that much worse but I do know I'd be furious if my local patch suddenly became a restricted area overnight.


Anonymous said...

i totally local patch is bulwell hall park and the local council are planning on bringing 200,000 tonnes of waste and makin a right mess of a beautiful area....weve recorded 98 different species of bird,put up over 100 bird boxes all for the nobs to dismiss it and ruin it....have spoke to you mr witherns on a few occasions and love your site...check ours...just gettin up and running....bulwell birders 2009.