Sunday, 21 December 2008

home made meat and potato pie

trying to while away the hours until it was time for the pie,i headed to millington to have a go for the rough legged buzzards seen there.
got lost in pocklington,which is one of those small towns with loads of little roads and no signs!
it turns out i parked about half a mile from the usual parking spot but this was for once a blessing,as the rough legged buzzard was drifting over the car.
i headed up the valley to the south of the road,muddy as fuck,then the rough legged buzzard rose up over the ridge,i watched it for 30 minutes at times about 100yds away!
my phone kept ringing,thinking it was the crazy woman i had been seeing i ignored was only when i got to the top of the steepest hill i have ever climbed,and the phone rang again,
da da its only darren ward on the other side of the back down the hill(i hate fucking hills) and spent the rest of the day walking up and down more fucking hills with daz.
saw the bird a few more times but not as well as earlier.

rough legged buzzard


NigelK said...

Great effort and great shot - removing any chance in hell of confusion with Common Buzzard

Warren Baker said...

Great pic.
I'll know what to look for now!

East Ayton Birding said...

You must have been well chuffed with that shot Darrell.