Sunday, 28 June 2009

sorry all

over the last few weeks i have not been too well and in a moment of madness i deleted the whole thing,so sorry,forgive me.

went to lincolnshire today,lots of good stuff to see but not many photos either due to the heat or nothing showed very well.
started at far ings,i think its the 3rd time ive been here,a nice little reserve though better to drive the long way round rather than pay the toll over the humber bridge.
loads of year ticks here,lesser whitethroat,turtle dove were the best along with avocet,and that was it apart from seeing the 'hottest female birder in the world'(TM) she had bins round her neck but the lucky bastard had none.also a old woman in her 70's with her hand down her pants having a good scratch! which left me slighty bewildered.

'hottest female birder in the world'(TM)

a big bridge

then went to crowle waste for a mooch around,quite overcast here,but left happy with hobby and marsh harrier,not literally.after an hour it got quite shit so i left and went to fairburn,i refused to pay for parking! quick photo of a brown hawker and left

brown hawker
fairburn ings


DorsetDipper said...

Delighted to see you're back Darrell.

Warren Baker said...

Welcome back mate, I like your patch reports of the with, keep it going.

PS I thought we were going to get a photo of the scratching granny!!!!!

darrell j prest said...

no chance warren whatever turns you on!

Nick Carter said...

Keep it going, we need an alternative view of birding! How was the barbeque with the Latvians?

darrell j prest said...

hot and sweaty nick! and that was just the bikinis!

Kay said...

Welcome back Mr Prest!