Monday, 8 June 2009

the 'with' the return

well after 2 months without a car,today having bought a new car i was finally able to get up't 'with'. the weather was shit,light was shit,it was all shit.
well ok it wasn't.
the new camera was great,the car was great

3 curlews put on a great display coming really close

canon 50d + 100-400


dunlin 1
common sandpiper 2
pied wagtail 1
meadow pipit 4
carrion crow 3
mallard 1 male
canada goose 6


Little Brown Job said...

Great shots for the return to the 'with', glad to hear you're back on the road.

darrell j prest said...

thanks,its been a tough 2 months what with walking and getting the train

Dean said...

Nice ones, Darrell.
Does that mean we can look forward to more great pics ?

darrell j prest said...

i hope so dean! i got wheels

Warren Baker said...

Nice piccies Darrell. welcome back to the ''with''