Wednesday, 3 June 2009

yet more dragonflies!!!!

a nice day off work
so off to elland gp this afternoon,spent 4 hours watching 2 male and 4 female broad bodied chaser's zooming around the small pool on the old tip.
all photos taken with the canon 350d and 100-400mm

broad bodied chaser

broad bodied chaser in flight in 'cop'

large red damselfly
with food

blue tailed damselfly

with the 40d dead due to a broken shutter! im now looking for another camera body to what to get? (the 40d will be repaired soon) i feel like getting a canon 1d mk2 because the price of a used one is cheaper than a 50d.descions descions


East Ayton Birding said...

Cracking shots again Darrell.

Bad news on the 40D, not the best advert for canon.

Warren Baker said...

Good chaser shots Darrell. I can never seem to get the ''blue'' colour on the male to show .

Hope my cannon dont go kaput on me!

Marcus Conway said...

Great dragon shots.