Monday, 11 January 2010

sunday ( a bit late.......i know)

late posting due to a bad back and trying to get the heating working!

went for a short walk yesterday.
from siddal to old lane mill then back home via the town center and shaw lodge.

very few birds about now,most of the thrushes have gone

grey wagtail 3 (2 at lilly lane and 1 old lane)
goldfinch 4 at old lane mill
herring gull 4 over dean clough
sparrowhawk 1 stony royd

never took my 400mm with me as the light was bad.
whilst walking past dean clough i thought i would try to replicate Bill Brandt's famous photo

'the snicket'

though not a proper snicket not alot has changed since it was taken in 1937

bill brandt's

darrell prest's


Brian Sumner said...

Great photo,as you say nothing much has changed apart from the old wool loading bay doors replaced with a window. These are the sort of places people dont see, keep em coming.

darrell j prest said...

cheers brian

Ipin said...

bad back from lugging huge camera's about? Love the photo - what happened to the cobbles, have they been covered with tarmac?

Warren Baker said...

Looks as grim and grey as it is here Darrell.

Interesting photo, nothing down here stays unspoilt that long. It gets ''upgraded'' and ''prettied''. Bloody vandals

darrell j prest said...

the cobbles are still there !! ipin