Tuesday, 5 January 2010

todays walk

well i did try and get to work i left at 0600,i made good time to oldham when the snow hit.it took another 1hour to get to stockport where the town was gridlocked after a hour of queuing and sliding around the well gritted roads(not) i gave up and headed home.
at for 10,during the 4 hours 4 inch had fallen the roads were bad(and still are)

so at midday i went for a short walk through stony royd along waterside into town then home via shaw lodge

meadow pipit 1 sheltering by a wall at the top of the street
grey wagtail 2 (1 lily lane,1 woolshops)
redwing 1 over the house
kestrel 1


Warren Baker said...

seems everywhere is being hit by the wintery conditions darrell, well done for getting out in it all!

darrell j prest said...

cheers warren the main reason for heading out was food!! but the meadow pipit and kestrel were the first ive seen in the village

Dean said...

Shocking weather for all of Yorks.
I reckon the majority of resident birds have never experienced it like this before. I bet they`re wondering what`s hit em.