Sunday, 31 January 2010

lesser spotted woodpecker 300 meters from the front door

set off early for a shortish walk

i was so glad i was carrying 2 cameras,id only been walking a minute or so,when no sooner as i entered stoney royd cemetery i heard a lesser spotted woodpecker drumming from near the non-conformist chapel.
in overdrive i made my way towards the little fella after a bit of searching i found him feeding high up in the tree tops,great bird and always a favourite.
got a week off work so i will be going back

lesser spotted woodpecker
stoney royd cemetery

location of the lesser spotted woodpecker


Warren Baker said...

Great find Darrell. I love cemetaries, good habitat in most of them.

darrell j prest said...

ta warren i love lesser peckers and to find one so close home was great

Anonymous said...

bloomin marvellous