Monday, 1 February 2010

6 hour walk and only 12 miles!!! boo

well the first day of my week off work.
as i live halifax which is not the best place to live for birds or birding.i took my friend Geraldine on a long walk,which basically was from town to old mill then ploughcroft,catherine slack,shibden valley,hipperholme,norcliffe,southowram,bank top,beacon hill then back to was only 12 miles i thought it would be more,its the fucking hills that fuck it up!

law hill school plaque

we found a collared dove injured/stunned at the roadside a friendly workman put the little fella out of harms way (i was hoping for a mourning dove when i saw it)

lunch at the new cafe in shibden park was very nice

scout hall


Ipin said...

love the new header photo Darrel! I bet it was a bit bracing up on't moors?

Warren Baker said...

You really have some great looking buildings up there Darrell, that scout hall has some great stone on it.

Brian Sumner said...

Scout Hall in its day,when I was a lad, was known by locals as The House of a Thousand Windows.We used to try to bird the grounds but usually ended up getting chased off.

darrell j prest said...


its always bracing up there


yes the town has rich history which amazingly can still be seen.


'house of a thousand windows' love the name but it only has 365! kid birders eh always stringing ;)