Thursday, 4 February 2010

never been so scared in my life!!!!!

id noticed on google earth that the old tip at shroggs looked worth a visit.
so off i set

i found a way in from the back of halfords on pellon lane,going down angel road through snake hill wood,which in itself is scary enough,i suppose i wouldnt have been so scared if it was not for the snow (lots of footprints) who else uses this path/road? and the thick fog which even added to the impending doom.
with back to back houses rising above me from the walls and footpaths closed off with metal railings i felt trapped!
i had no idea where i would end up!
i have been so pleased to see B&Q in my life.
so onward through dean clough,charlestown and nestle and in to stoney cemetery no LSW which was a shame

sefton street
looming above

angel road/snake hill wood

and the birds?

very poor

grey wagtail 4
sparrowhawk 1 female over shroggs old tip
mallard 46 at peoples park
jay 1 stoney royd cemetery


Brian Sumner said...

They,ll be many an old ghost walking that area although I dont suppose they leave footprints.
Was talking with NK today about your nostalgic photos, they,re very popular.

darrell j prest said...

thanks brian

i just like halifax and enjoy what my walking brings me. i love how a place can look like its not changed since it was built.

if people like my photos then im happy

once again thanks

Nick Carter said...

They are very atmospheric and the reason I check out your blog.

darrell j prest said...

cheers nick

im doing a 'green calderdale year list' so far 67.

DJSutcliffe said...

Hi Darrell - been in my neck of the woods today then!
We drove up from Dean Clough this morning and saw you walking down towards the Shears (not an easy place to stop to say hello). Thought you had been for some DIY.

Your pictures capture the place to a tee - well done.

The old tip should turn up some good birds (well it did years ago when it was a landfill site, especially winter gulls.)
I have been tramping the big flat grassy area on the old tip several times lately as I fancy Jack Snipe there - it's a welly job though.

Well done too with the LSW at Stoney Royd last weekend. Catch up with you sometime. Dave

Iain G said...

Hi Darrell,have you clocked the old remains outside the factory opp. Stoney Royd Terrace? They're directly opp the terrace (across the 'valley') and just below the road- bit treacherous in places.

Warren Baker said...

looking at the conditions there darrell, i'm surprised you saw anything at all.