Monday, 5 April 2010

geraldine is a perfoming monkey!!!

my mate geraldine texted me last night......

g 'still on for a walk tommorrow?'
me 'yep'
g 'where you thinking?'
me 'snake hill wood,meet at aldi's carpark at 1'
g 'sounds scary and i have had better meeting places'

so off we went into snake hill wood along the very ill named angel road ,we had a look for Birks Hall near brackenbed road but no luck.
a burnt out fiat punto made for some great photos.across the old shroggs tip and on to the new council tip.
had a good look around the outside of old lane mill,made more interesting by me saying 'watch out for needles' which geraldine replied 'thats not something you hear everyday'

into town we went and headed for the gibbet

us Halifax people are very proud of our gibbet and Halifax was the last place in england to chop off peoples heads!!

off to the gibbet you go


ta da survived!

ooo a monitor

its amazing

im on telly

happy in car

not sure i like it

yes! ill take it!


Brian Sumner said...

Shame they stopped using the gibbet but it would probably have been against human rights now or the health and safety would say its too dangerous for the executioner.

darrell j prest said...

or the horse that pulled it

Warren Baker said...

we've all got dodgy old area's like that Darrell. good for robins nests!