Sunday, 25 April 2010

redstart elland now thats a good one !

set off around 12 and headed towards Elland.
from the house i dropped over exley towards elland with the intention of having a look around the woodland to the east of the A629 which was storth brickworks.alas nothing left just a few ponds.
as i headed up the hill from elland towards ainleys a bird flew out of the bush,the bright red tail meant it had to be a redstart,it landed in a willow tree and surely enough a male redstart was found! it flitted round for a minute or so before flying off towards the A629.
a great find in such a location especially in spring when such migrants usually head straight to the breeding grounds.
i texted dave sutcliffe with the news.
nick d rang me for the exact location but never saw the bird.


the rest of the walk was rather dull,though the old mink farm looks good for photography,if it wasnt up such a big fucking hill


Warren Baker said...

Great record Darrell!

Habitat like that shown in the last pic is hard to come by here. It would not be tolerated by the locals, and the council would be hounded to tidy it up!! - Wankers!

Little Brown Job said...

Cracking shot of the Redstart, you should pack in birding more often!

Anonymous said...