Saturday, 10 April 2010

shibden valley

bare head tunnel
step into the light
a snap descion this morning to go up shibden valley,walked about 10 miles the highlight was finally finding bare head tunnel

the birding was good too

swallow 1 pair set up at the large farm house along blake hill end
willow warbler 1 singing at upper lane
chiffchaff about 16 in various locations
lapwing 1 pair on swalesmoor
sparrowhawk 1 female over ploughcroft,1 over upper shibden hall,1 male by water scout and another female in siddal
green woodpecker at least 3 yaffling in the valley
great spotted woodpecker 1 pair at water scout
coal tit 3 disputing territory at the junction of kell lane and brow hill
mallard 1 pair at the old peoples home in horley green which was odd as the nearest water is shibden park


Brian Sumner said...

Must have just missed IGs Buzzard >N over the valley at mid day or maybe you was in the tunnel !

darrell j prest said...

at midday i was watching the swallows my first of the year and loved it