Friday, 30 April 2010

the RSPB what is it good for???

£40 a year for what?

firstly they only like nice birds ,if your a Ruddy duck then your fucked,cos you may fly to spain and fuck a white headed duck.why not kill the fuckers that are shagging the spanish white headed ducks,not the ones in spain/portugal leave the ones in leeds alone.

secondly ,why do you turn good birding sites into theme parks?most of the data for a site comes from birders.
yet the RSPB would rather have records from the public,ergo the public are not birders.

reserves not worth visiting are all the ones in yorkshire ie

fairburn they stuck a parking ticket machine in the car park,and the hides are miles away from the birds

old moor well they fucked it up completely,the area was better 20 years ago,here you can see nothing from the paths

bempton avoid the charges for the car park by parking on the road, and as its a cliff what the fuck do the RSPB do? nothing just take your money

rant over


Warren Baker said...


I can see where your coming from Darrell, but it's a case of wooing the public on to the side of wildlife - and that means coffe shops and selling tea towels!! - They're not all bad they did bring back the red kite, I now get to see at least one a year from my patch :-)

Gan Ainm said...

Are you a member Darrell?

darrell j prest said...

er no! if they change the policy then maybe,but as it stands never!