Saturday, 1 May 2010

birding amongst the slums

yes halifax has slums always had always will!
not the best area to be birding but hey you never know what could turn up!

turns out very little

chiffchaff 4
willow warbler 2
pied wagtail 2
song thrush 1

214 empty flats

richmond road estate
a slum

321 empty flats and a slum


Warren Baker said...

Fuck me all that empty property and they want to build more houses! All over our green fields.....Wankers

darrell j prest said...

yep,though brown field sites are better than greenfield sites for wildlife!

AndyC said...

Well said Warren and Darrell,build on owt they can get there grubby little hands on Wankers ,feckin wankers

AndyC said...

Went to see Iron Man 2 yesterday and your mate Scarlett is looking very well...............

darrell j prest said...

she would look good a sack!