Saturday, 15 May 2010

a very pleasant 10 mile walk today around home, i was never more than 2 miles from my house!
i intended to try and find Brookfoot House but gave up when i saw how steep the location is :0(

birds today

whitethroat 1 still at siddal and 1 at southowram
garden warbler 1 at salterhebble
blackcap 1 at elland
grey wagtail 6 at various places along the canal (very common in these parts)
dipper 1 pair on the hebble at salterhebble

st anne in the grove
the church from
'wuthering heights'

the horse knows all


Brian Sumner said...

You can,t beat local birding.
Does anyone ever check out the wooded hillside above Southowram bank up to the beacon. Is there any access in there , looks like it could hold allsorts.

darrell j prest said...

yes i go through that woodland quite a lot,just the usual stuff but you never know!!
there are quite a few paths if you can find them

Brian Sumner said...

Thanks Darrell, kept wondering if anyone birded that area.