Sunday, 16 May 2010

Iberian Chiffchaff Potteric Carr

after seeing the parents this morning i headed down to Potteric Carr for the Iberian Chiffchaff thats been present the last few days.
got there about midday,and havent been to Potteric for a while,but its a good place to visit.

saw the bird easily but viewing was difficult in the dense scrubby hedgerow.the song is very distinctive once heard (link to the bird singing)
bumped into garry taylor,who looked to have some cracking photos of the bird.the bird showed briefly during our chat.

after a walk around i bumped into Nick D and Stephen C and walked back to try and get better views.
some birder had the call on his phone,the call was played and the bird landed in the sunlight on top of the hawthorn bush singing its little head off.

all in all a good day a lifer and yorkshire tick which makes my very poor yorkshire list to 316

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