Saturday, 16 October 2010

calling all Halifax Birders

next year is the 20th anniversary of the Halifax Birdwatchers Club, and im writing a report on the rare and scarce birds that have been found in Halifax

im after accounts from the finders of said rare birds in Halifax, i know that not all Halifax Birders read this blog but if you know someone that has found a rare bird in Halifax then please try to get an account.

or i would be grateful for any accounts even if you twitched the birds!!

also any photos would be most welcome


AndyC said...

Darrel,Wood Ringstone,
Slav grebes at Ogden and EGP, The 4 Med Gulls at Jay House Lane,Iceland Gull Lowfields,Honey Buzzards(x4)Hobby in the early years,Lapland Bunts at Ringstone,Spotted redshank Ringstone go through the old reports and let me know which you woulds like..

darrell j prest said...

all of them andy, i have the dates its the finders reports im after

Brian Sumner said...

I,ve got Little Egret EGP
Dotterel Soil Hill and Purple Sandpiper Soil Hill., if you want those, do you want the same as a description report ?

darrell j prest said...

not so much a description bri more of a finders account