Wednesday, 27 October 2010

more waxwings

searched yesterdays sites with no luck,despite dave sutcliffe texting to say their was 20 around the fire station at king walked down hopwood lane towards town.
found 50+ in the trees between the bottom of lister lane and gibbet street (bedford st).very hard to get an exact count as they were flying around quite a bit.last saw them flying towards hanson lane.great birds

bedford st, halifax

wainhouse terrace

watch out for needles! when looking for


Dean said...

Cracking Waxwing shot Darrell. Also liking the half colour, half b/w photos.

NigelK said...

Well done what a Stonkin shot.

mister-g said...

We were at the Kings Cross Tesco about 1 o'clock having had a fruitless search, too.
Getting in the car we saw three waxwings poke their heads in to saw hello before b***ering off again!