Friday, 22 October 2010

old BBRC rejected birds

found some old BB rarity reports on the shelf (1976,1978,1979 and 1980) they include some very interesting rejected birds the best are

1972-SIBERIAN TIT,Boughton, Downham Market Norfolk 6th and 8th February
1975-SLENDER BILLED CURLEW,Poole Harbour, Dorset 12th to 14th April
1975-SLENDER BILLED CURLEW, Shoreham by Sea, Sussex 16th and 23rd November
1976-BOOTED EAGLE,Romney Marsh,Kent 15th May
1976-TENGMALM'S OWL,Cley,Norfolk, 3rd and 5th September
1976-SOOTY ALBATROSS-Sandwich Bay,Kent 2nd October
1976-GREAT BLACK HEADED GULL,Seacombe,Merseyside1st September
1976-GREAT BLACK HEADED GULL,Keyhaven Marsh, Hampshire 30th October
1977-SLENDER BILLED CURLEW,Nigg Bay, Highland 16th October
1977-GREAT BLACK HEADED GULL,Sully Island,Glamorgan 16th June
1977-GREAT BLACK HEADED GULL,Cresswell Pond,Northumberland 29th October
1978-MADEIRAN PETREL-Hilbre,Mersyside 11th September
1978-BLACK SHOULDERED KITE, Whitehaven,Cumbria 20th July
1978-GREAT BLACK HEADED GULL,Selsey Bill,Sussex 7th September
1979-HAWK OWL, Cley Norfolk 18th May
1979-MOUSTACHED WARBLER, Forness,Kent, 8th to 9th May
1980-BULWERS PETREL,Worthing,Sussex 12th and 23rd May
1980-SLENDER BILLED CURLEW.Luddenham Marshes,Kent 10th May

note the amount of great black headed gull records from the mid 70's makes you wonder!!!!


Brian Sumner said...

Surely they couldnt all be wrong ?

darrell j prest said...

the new phrase is 'not proven' the siberian tit was more than likely a willow/marsh tit and the moustached warbler could have been a sedge

darrell j prest said...

oh and i missed out my 2 rejections!!!