Saturday, 9 October 2010

the scillies go into meltdown

the shetland birders thought they were doing well this autumn with loads of rare birds being found,but in the last few days the isles of scilly have gone into complete meltdown!

eleonora's falcon
not flying over porthellick bay

sharp shinned hawk
not flying over the garrison

far eastern curlew
not on porthcressa beach

the uk400 club has already accepted the birds,president evans was overheard saying 'we need to get the scillies back on track so tick em'

1 comment:

AndyC said...

The scillys needs decent birders to go out and find birds,they must be there,they all have £1500 Swarofskis bins and I -phones and massive £7000 cameras but stay in the pub till someone finds somthing...???? instead of going and finding birds that are hiding in the gullies etc..